Temporary Exhibitions.

The museum has a lively temporary exhibition programme.

Below are details about some of our shows.

Blitzed Virtual Exhibition

4 May – 1 June 2020

Inside the virtual exhibition

Explore the resilience of the British people through a trying time in our local history, as we present Blitzed, our planned exhibition now available to view in our new virtual reality white gallery.

The impact of the Second World War was felt by everyone in the Borough. However it was the air raids that brought the war to the doorsteps of local people. 75 years on from the Blitz, our online edition of Blitzed exhibition gives viewers the opportunity to examine never before seen photographs from the Museum’s Collection.With detailed images revealing the significant aftermath of air raids on the region, visitors can gain a picture of what happened to Nuneaton during World War II and appreciate the rebuilding that created the town we love today.

Visit the virtual exhibition Here

Festival of Arts: Art Exhibition

  • 7 March – 21 March 2020

Spread over two large galleries, this exhibition is the platform for the visual arts at the heart of the annual festival, bringing together the borough’s diverse talents in a celebration of the arts. Each year, the Festival of Arts: Art Exhibition features public submissions with awards given to the best artwork in each category. There is a fantastic variety of subjects and mediums to awe and inspire you. There’s also a whole gallery dedicated to the creative work of our budding young artists submitted by local schools. This much loved event always receives a huge response and this year is no different.

Tapestry Touring International – Interface

  • 8 February – 21 March 2020
Image Credit: Jane Riley (Right) Barbara Heller (Left)

Fifteen Artists from England and fifteen from Canada show their small format woven tapestries as part of an International Touring Exhibition. Come and be inspired by these handcrafted woven tapestries.

Scenes of George Eliot Country

  • 16 November 2019 – 1 March 2020
Image 5

George Eliot’s early life would inspire her writings long after she achieved success. The image of the borough which she created is both nostalgic and honest. An opportunity to see objects from the collection not normally on display and find out more about George Eliot Country.

Simple Sanctuaries

  • 21 December 2019 – 1 March 2020
The Beekeepers' Democracy 2 (print)

This solo exhibition brings together a selection of recent and previous work by artist Angela Maloney. The paintings, drawings, prints and 3D piece included here aim to explore human relationships, not only with the fragile natural world, but also with one another. The images aim to suggest a world that is familiar, yet at the same time holds a sense of uncertainty.


  • 1 January – 2 February 2020

Artist siblings John Durham and Janet Halligan showcase their shared passion and creative talents for art in this inspired and colourful exhibition. Their artworks illustrate a shared connection to the earth, exploited as both a raw material for Halligan’s ceramics and as a source of inspiration for Durham’s paintings.

All works in the exhibition will be available to buy, plus a selection of Halligan’s small-scale ceramics will also be purchasable in our Museum Shop.

Take 6! Craft Show

  • 26 October – 15 December 2019
Image 4

Showcasing the talents of artists and makers from around the region, this is the perfect chance to pick up those inspired Christmas gifts, from handmade jewellery to original textiles, there’s something to suit all tastes and pockets.

The Mindful Museum

  • 21 September – 10 November
Image 3

Create, contemplate and continue in a reflective and evolving project that will see the White Gallery transformed into a haven of mindfulness. This experimental exhibition aims to find out how the museum can be a place for relaxation.

Join us to explore the Museum and Art Gallery as a place for mindful moments. Take some time away from the demands of modern life and explore the museum collections as a starting point for discovery and creativity in a journey of personal wellbeing.

Eleanor Whibley – Essence of Childhood

  • 27 July – 22 September
  • 24 October – 24 November
Image 1

These stunning images take a fine art approach to the photographing of children.  The subjects are captured at candid moments.   Eleanor wants visitors to not only speculate on what the subject is thinking but to be drawn back to memories of their own childhood and memories.

Artspace Loughborough – Delight in Disorder

  • 6 July – 8 September

Artspace members will interpret the different meanings of “Delight in Disorder” using different techniques and media.  The group was originally created by Loughborough University Fine Art graduates in 1997.  They continue to work together to share skills and develop new ideas for exhibitions.

Many of the works will be for sale.

“Peaky Blinders” Costume Show

  • 20 July – 15 September

It is 1919, Birmingham and the Shelby family are moving up in the world with no holds barred. See these jaw-dropping costumes worn by the cast in the hit TV programme brought to Nuneaton for this very special show – not to be missed!

Costumes are on loan from Cosprop, a costume hire company whose outfits can be seen in both TV programmes and on the silver screen.  The exhibition will include costumes worn by Aunt Polly, Arthur Shelby and Alfie Solomans.

Tracey Watson – Connie’s War  

  • 1 June – 21 July

An exhibition featuring textiles, prints and ceramics based on the wartime experience of the artist’s grandmother Connie, who lived in Coventry during the Blitz. With contemporary images of flora and fauna and brightly coloured designs, this locally inspired exhibition takes inspiration from the bombing of Coventry and the ruins of the Cathedral.

The historical references and local touches make this a powerful show for anyone hoping to learn more about the war from a personal point of view.

Group Show – Reflections of Life

  • 11 May – 30 June

A great mix of works including drawing, painting and photography. There will be a wide range of subjects on display and something for everyone!

Artworks included have been chosen by the group to reflect everyday life. People, animals, places and objects are usually all represented. The variety on offer also makes this show a great stop for anyone looking to purchase an artwork this year.

page 6 eliot

Becoming George: The Unexpected Life of George Eliot

  • 10 May – 14 July

When Mary Anne Evans was born at South Farm, Arbury no-one would have thought that she would grow up to be an internationally successful writer. This exhibition will reveal the woman and explore how she became George Eliot.

Mary-Anne Evans was born on the 22nd of November 1819. This is the first of two special exhibitions which we will be showing during this bicentennial year.

Festival of Arts – Craft & Needlecraft Sections

  • 13 April – 6 May

Beadwork, embroidery, wirework and collage are usually amongst the selection put forward for this exciting show. With something for everyone, and an array of techniques to be inspired by, be sure to come and explore this treasure trove of craft and needlecraft.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in exhibiting in the Festival of Arts you are welcome to pick-up a syllabus with more information from the Museum reception. Drop-off days for the Craft and Needlecraft sections are the 7th of April (2pm – 4pm) and the 8th of April (1pm – 4pm).

Leah Stuart – Holidaying in Nuneaton

  • 30 March – 27 May

Nuneaton through the eyes of a visitor – that’s what Leah’s hoping to capture with this incredible selection of textiles. Architectural details around the town, as well as references to its history, are highlighted using Leah’s fantastic use of textile techniques. Not just beautiful as artworks but also inspiring us to look again at the beauty around us – a real treat for the spring.

Lucy Fiona Morrison – Wild Places

  • 9 March – 22 Aprilpage 5 lucy fiona morrison

Based on areas of wilderness, this exhibition showcases large contemporary oil paintings. These incredible scenes explore a range of views, from barren English fields to the vastness of the Grand Canyon. The works both inspire and intrigue with their textural paint qualities.

Morrison’s career has included exhibiting in ‘The Other Art Fair’ in Bristol, ‘Art Fair East’ in Norwich, ‘The Great Yorkshire Show’ in Harrogate and ‘The Brick Lane Gallery’ in London. Her paintings are represented by ‘Gallery 104’ in New York and held in private collections internationally.

Festival of Arts – Photography Section

  • 9 March – 7 April

Say Cheese!! This ever-popular category of the festival returns with its 2019 selection. As always, the show will be made up of submissions entered during the drop-off days and the entries will be judged by the Festival of Arts’ adjudicators. Fingers crossed your favourite gets an award!

If you, or someone you know, are interested in exhibiting in the Festival of Arts you are welcome to pick-up a syllabus with more information from the Museum reception. Drop-off days for the Photography section are the 3rd of March (2pm – 4pm) and the 4th of March (1pm – 4pm).

Festival of Arts: Art Section                  

2 February – 3 March 2019

This year’s eagerly awaited Festival of Arts launches with 2019s Art Section of the competition. As always, amateur artists both young and old are welcome to bring along their creations to be judged and displayed across these two galleries. Often included are watercolours, oil paintings and drawings of all sorts of different subjects. There’ll also be the children’s categories for anyone wanting so find a bit of spring-time cheer.

Don’t forget many of the works will be for sale.

Jessica Tracey: The Culinary Adventures of ‘Little Piggy’

Artwork by Jessica Tracey (Illustchu)
Artwork by Jessica Tracey (Illustchu)

19 January – 24 March 2019

Child-friendly and full of yummy food – what‘s not to love about Jessica Tracey’s selection of fab illustrative prints? These cute pictures are each accompanied by their own recipe card and each shows ‘Little Piggy’ on a different culinary adventure – perfect!

Jessica will also have some of her artworks for sale so encouraging the kids to get cooking might just have got a little bit easier!

Artwork by Andy Sargent
Artwork by Andy Sargent

Andy Sargent: From the Land – Differently

22 December 2018 – 27 January 2019

Local artist Andy Sargent presents an array of paintings, each his own interpretation of the landscape. Some are representational while others are more expressive – all are a fantastic celebration of the medium and techniques with which he works.

Andrew gained his Fine Art degree in 1990 and has exhibited in several exhibitions at a number of galleries since. He was also selected for a heat of ‘Sky Art’s Landscape Artist of the Year 2017’.

Mark Carr: The Cup of Life

15 December 2018 – 27 January 2019

Artwork by Mark Carr
Artwork by Mark Carr

It is said, that if one drinks from the ‘cup of life’ to gain an immortal soul, another’s life is taken. This new exhibition of paintings and prints by multimedia artist Mark Carr reflects on this symbolic idea to explore and question ‘the human condition’ in the 21st century.

For this exhibition, Carr has returned to the very beginnings of his artistic practice, creating a striking set of acrylic paintings and woodcut prints. These form three distinctive works of art, all of which can be seen in this exciting display.

For visitors wanting to know a little more… Mark will be at the Museum and available to speak about his work on December 15, between 2pm and 4pm. No need to book, just pop along.