Temporary Exhibitions at the Museum.

The museum has a lively temporary exhibition programme.

Below are details about some of our shows.

Sharon Baker – Manhole Covers: Pictures Beneath Your Feet.

On show until January 28th 2018.


Bold and colourful images fill the room for this unusually-themed show. Drain covers, hydrants and boundary boxes are part of the often overlooked scenes we see everyday, yet their designs are creatively celebrated in this fun show.

Bold gestures and vibrant colours make the well-known designs appear less familiar – these artworks are sure to have you spotting manhole covers all the way home!


Object Relations: Images in photography and painting

On show until February 11th 2018.

Photographs and paintings of everyday objects are displayed alongside each other in this exciting 2-person show. Artists Christian Mieves and Euripides Altintzoglou present a body of work which plays with ideas of uncertainty and surprise. The images exhibited show objects which should be familiar to the viewer, yet they are depicted in a way which makes the items less easy to recognise. Does this show make you think differently about the way objects are usually represented in pictures? Are you mostly looking at the object or at the image? What do these images say to you?2016_5







Subjectively Objective

On show until February 11th 2018.

Recent graduates of North Warwickshire and Hinckley College present this selection of photographs of different places. Some are abstract, and it is difficult to recognise the type of scene shown. Others focus in on a specific place or section of an area and the great news is that they’re all for sale!

The artists include Jasmine Gandy and Gayle Baker, who both obtained their degree in Visual Media from Coventry University having studied the course through North Warwickshire & Hinckley College.



Coming Up:

Platinum Anniversary – 70 Years of Nuneaton Festival of Arts

3 February – 25 March 2018

Festival of Arts is celebrating its 70th year in 2018. To mark this significant event it has worked with Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery to create a special exhibition. The exhibition will highlight the importance of Festival of Arts in local peoples’ lives, look back over some memorable exhibitions and hopefully inspire people to take part in the future. Anyone interested in taking part in this year’s Festival of Arts may want to pay a visit to this show on Saturdays (10.30 am – 12pm) or Thursdays (1.30pm – 4pm). During these times member of the Festival of Arts Team will be here ready to chat with visitors who want to know a little more.

Festival of Arts – Art

17 February – 18 March 2018

Now that you’ve whet your appetite with our ‘Festival of Arts’ themed show on the Landing Gallery, why not pay a visit to the first of this year’s Festival of Arts Sections. Oil paintings, watercolours and drawings are usually in the line-up of this exciting annual favourite.The work is often for sale.

Festival of Arts – Photography
24 March – 22 April 2018

This wonderful exhibition can’t fail to please with the huge variety of photographs usually brought in. This exhibition always boasts great diversity of images from talented local photographers. Not to forget they’re often on sale for reasonable prices – perfect for sprucing up a wall in time for the summer!


A Hayward Touring exhibition from Southbank Centre, London.
Eduardo Paolozzi: General Dynamic F.U.N
24 March – 13 May 2018

Dynamic images by a pioneer of Pop Art fill this exhibition with colour and energy. Sir Eduardo Paolozzi selfstyled himself the ‘wizard in Toytown’ and, looking at the clashes of imagery and colour, viewers might be inclined to agree. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this exciting selection of work by such an influential artist.

Claire Elizabeth Ferguson: Night Lands
31 March – 7 May 2018

Polaroids, traditional photographs and found objects bring this show to life. For ‘Night Lands’, Claire explored the work of her late father who travelled to many different places before she was born. Exploring his work has led her to create pieces that reveal how different places change over time, whilst documenting her journey of discovering more about her father.