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Liz Taylor

Hi! I’m Liz Taylor and I am the Curator at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. I look after the Museum’s objects so they can excite and inspire the people who walk around our galleries and view our on-line resources. My role includes documenting the collection, monitoring the environment, answering enquiries, choosing objects for exhibitions and working with volunteers. I love the interesting stories that objects can tell and I enjoy exploring fresh ways of looking at things.



Hello! My name is Matt Johnson and I’m the Museum Outreach Officer. The great thing about my job is that it’s all about meeting and working with people! That means people of all ages and backgrounds. People are at the centre of what I do. I might create a project that brings different people together for the first time or I might use museum objects to inspire and enthuse people, to get them talking about their own history! From under 5s to 105 year olds I try to ensure that our visitors and the people we work with see the museum as an inspirational, educational and fun part of their lives.

Blog photoHi, I’m Lyndsey Searle and I’m the Exhibition Officer here at the museum. Being the Exhibition Officer means I plan, organise and display the temporary shows which we have. My job means I get to see and work with lots of great artwork and meet lots of interesting people. We have touring shows, group exhibitions and solo shows so there’s lots of variety to my work. You might also find me busily fixing things around the museum, working with our Graphics team or even writing press-releases. I’ll be writing about things related to our temporary exhibitions programme so keep a look out for my posts.

 becky blog profileFormer Blogger: I’m Becky Harvey and I’m Assistant Museum Officer at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery. My job is to manage and care for the museum’s collections so that our visitors can enjoy them today and in years to come. I also work with the Museum Assistants to ensure we’re creating a fun and interesting visitor experience.  My job is definitely varied – a day might include cataloguing new donations, preparing objects for display, working with volunteers on collections documentation or planning how to deter pesky pests that want to eat the collection! I love discovering the objects and stories in our collection and seeing visitors connecting with these in exhibitions is really exciting.

Former Blogger – My name is Janine Fox and I am Assistant Museum Officer at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery. My role is to care and document the museum collection. Working within a small team means I also help install exhibitions, carry out research for enquiries and assist with larger museum projects. What inspires me? Apart from tea and chocolate, I would say travel, photography, art and anything old with a story to tell! It will come as no surprise that I love my job; I work with objects, ensuring that they are looked after, made available for the public and that their stories are recorded for perpetuity.  Janine has now left the museum to study anthropology.

Maria Wilson, Administration Assistant. I’ve worked here for 8 years and seen some changes.  I think we’ve come a long way over the years.  A few things have stayed the same but others have changed dramatically. I have certainly met some interesting and unusual people on my daily walks around the galleries. People still think of us ‘sitting in a dark dusty room surrounded by old things’.  Not so!  We use modern marketing technology to keep everyone informed, up-to-date databases to record the collections,  we let people look and touch things normally out of reach, we showcase the community and it’s diversity in our displays AND we have free things for families to do.   To keep us going forward we need to know what you think.  What would you like to see?  Who would you like to meet?  Don’t be shy – let’s have a chat.  It is YOUR museum and we need your input to keep it safe for the next generation to learn about us.

Former Blogger – I’m Antony Lawrance, one of Nuneaton Museums Access Assistants. The best thing about my role here is the sheer variety of tasks that I’ll work on. Primarily this will be research for our monthly handling sessions. We hold these on the 3rd Saturday of every month and they are a great way for visitors to get hands-on with some of our hidden gems, share their stories and, hopefully, take away some interesting facts. I’ve also been known to interview local residents for various oral history projects; surround myself with craft materials and pencil crayons galore for our children’s activities and even affect my best teaching voice for visiting school groups. What inspires me? I’d have to say the prospect of finding something new. Be that an object I’ve never seen before, a story from a visitor or a historical fact about the local area.

Former Blogger – Hello! I’m Jen Shaw, the Exhibitions Officer. My job involves organising the temporary exhibitions programme. It’s great fun and I get to work with all sorts of artists and groups from the local area and further afield. We have a great selection of new exhibitions coming up, so keep a check on the Behind The Scenes Blog for regular update and reviews from me.

8 Responses to Meet the bloggers

  1. Phil Williams says:

    In August 1979 my mother in law and I appeared on the Generation Game with Larry Grayson. I have been trying to get hold of a copy of that programme for several years, but so far without success. Would you have any idea where those old programmes are kept or who might be able to supply a copy.

    Many thanks

    Phil Williams

    • janineclarefox says:

      Hello, Thank you for your enquiry. I believe the BBC Archive would hold the archives to the Generation Game, if you haven’t already it would be worth contacting them. It would also be worth having a good search through the clips on You Tube and similar online sites as there is a fair amount of footage in the public realm. Apart from that I unfortunately do not have any other leads! Kind regards Janine

  2. Julia Sargisson says:

    Hello, I am a first year HND student studying fashion and also interested in period costume. I believe there is to be an exhibition of the Downton Abbey Costumes and would like to try and find out when this will be. Can anyone help?

    • janineclarefox says:

      The exhibition ‘Dressing Downton’ will be showing at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery from the 6th July until the 15th September and will be featuring costumes from the television series Downton Abbey.
      Best wishes

  3. Julia Sargisson says:

    Thank you for letting me know. Can I subscribe to the museum newsletter if it has one?

  4. Lucinda Middleton says:

    Janine, I just saw your post on the SCHG list about restoring the organ in the Black Forest Clock and got really excited, it is something I always wanted to do when I worked there! No idea how to contact you so I thought that this would do. Best wishes Lucinda

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