Reginald Stanley


Reginald Stanley

Who made his fortune in the Montana Gold Rush of 1864 and helped to build Nuneaton?

Reginald Stanley  travelled to Montana, USA in 1864 duringthe frenzy of the Gold Rush. He made his fortune digging and panning for gold.

Returning to England in 1866 he bought into a brick making business in Nuneaton.  Over the next 20 years the business expanded, producing not just bricks but owning coal mines and engineering works.

Stanley Bros became a major employer in the town. Reginald Stanley built some key buildings in Nuneaton, including the Nuneaton Liberal Club on Abbey Street and the amazing Gate Temperance Hotel in Abbeygate and The Nuneaton Cottage Hospital off Manor Court Road.

You can still see Stanley Bros distinctive terracotta brickwork in buildings right across Nuneaton, just look above street level!