A welcome to our medal researchers

Today we have been very excited to welcome David, John and Mick from the ‘Orders and Medals Research Society’ to the Museum.

They are helping us to find out more about our medals and check that the information we have recorded about them is accurate.

John Mick and David medal specialists2

They are specifically looking at a collection of 50 British War and Campaign medals that were collected by a man called Albert Melly. Albert was the younger brother of Edward Melly who founded Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. He collected medals ranging in date from the late 1700s to the First World War, including campaigns in East and West Africa, South Africa, the Crimea, the Baltic, New Zealand, North-West Canada, Egypt and China. Recipients included a Nuik Sharif Khan from the 3rd Sikh Infantry and Rafln Gajbir Shapa from the 8th Gurkha Rifles.

This specialist research has been made possible through the Expert Eye project, created by West Midlands Museums Development, which helps museums to identify expertise to find out and tell stories from collections which have not been previously told.

David, John and Mick’s research will tell us more about the Museum’s medals and unearth some of the personal stories that will help us to connect with them today.

When we see a medal, it is sometimes easy to forget that this static item actually represents a real person who had real experiences fighting in war.

Medal specislists work

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