Art UK spotlights sculpture

Today we are welcoming Art UK to Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery! They have come to photograph some of the sculptures in our collection for the Art UK Sculpture Project. This major new project aims to catalogue and make available on-line the UK’s national sculpture collection – around 170,000 sculptures from inside public collections and outdoors in the nation’s streets and squares.

Over the last few months, we have been compiling a detailed spreadsheet of all our sculpture – over 100 items in total! Some are from our art collection, while others are classified as social history or ethnography.

This morning, I have been busy in our museum stores. I have been moving boxes, opening lids and getting out lots of wonderful sculptural pieces for the sculpture team to photograph. The project is a great way to make some of the objects that we don’t have room to display in our permanent galleries more accessible to the public.

One of the highlights for me was this wonderful African carved female head.


The photographer had to go up a ladder to photograph this sculpture, ‘David’, by John Letts!


Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery’s sculptures will be uploaded soon onto the Art UK website. Check it out at:

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