New Community Showcase display


At the museum, we regularly work with different groups to create changing displays using museum objects. These are presented in our Community Showcase in the Local History Gallery.

Yesterday, I was working with three members of our invaluable volunteer team. We were busy installing a display that they had created for the Community Showcase.

Over the course of three workshops, the group have come up with a theme, explored a range of museum objects, chosen favourite objects and created labels for the display.

Their chosen theme is ‘Made by Hand’. The objects they have chosen all reflect the skill of their makers, including a knitted jumper, carved wooden butter mould and model power station. They show the ways that people made, reused and recycled in the past.

Steph chose a knitted jumper which she donated to the museum a few years ago:

“This hand-knitted jumper was made for me by my Mother-in-Law, Mrs Marjorie Broughton, around 1980. She lived in Arlon Avenue, Nuneaton. She was a keen knitter and everyone in the family received jumpers, gloves, hats, scarves for birthday and Christmas, every year. Marjorie had a life-time of skill and patience. She could knit intricate, multi-coloured patterns without even looking down!”

Sally chose a model power station:

“The power station is just one of many buildings from a model railway. I imagined a ‘man in his shed’, taking his time, patiently building it bit by bit, by hand, from bits and pieces. You can see pen tops, marker pens, paint rollers, possibly yogurt pots, and other items. When I was aged 8-10, a friend and I would spend long hours in my dad’s shed making things like farms, houses and boats for school projects. We loved to see what we could use to build something out of ‘nothing’. The sense of fun, satisfaction and pride still remains with me.”

Julie chose a butter mould:

“I loved the craftsmanship of the butter mould and the fact that it was made by hand for an everyday product. I can imagine the blocks of fancy decorated butter on display in shop windows and market stalls in time gone-by.”

Our new Community Showcase display is now open so do come along and see it!

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