Nuneaton Brass Band

Brass band photo

A lovely lady came into the Museum this week to donate this photograph into our collections. The image shows members of Nuneaton Brass Band outside Nuneaton Town Hall. The lady’s husband played with the band for many years, as did various members of his family. Although her husband isn’t in this photograph, she thinks that his uncle is. His uncle was called Norman Dodd and she thinks he is the  man located 4th from the left, at the back.

We unfortunately don’t know much else about this photograph. We don’t know the date it was taken, though we do know that it must have been after 1934 as this was when the Town Hall opened. We don’t know the names of the people who are in it. We don’t know why a cup is being displayed – was this something they had won?

We would love to hear from anyone who can shed any more light on this photograph. Do you recognise anyone in it? Do you know when it was taken? What is the cup for? Thank you in advance!

Brass band photo closeup


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