How to handle a museum object (carefully!)

Today we were training three of our Museum volunteers about how to correctly handle some of our fabulous museum objects. Museums look after and preserve objects for their communities so it is important that objects are handled carefully so that they are not damaged or worn. Objects sometimes need to be handled when they are being moved to an exhibition, being shown to researchers or being moved about in the museum stores.

After donning our attractive blue handling gloves, we all had a go at lifting and moving museum objects correctly. We made sure we supported their weight with our hands, removed loose parts before moving them, didn’t pick them up by their most fragile areas (such as by handles and spouts that could break off) and laid them on a padded surface to cushion them.

After all that practical training, we had definitely earned a nice cup of tea (which we definitely did NOT make in the Museum’s beautiful Tibetan teapot!)

Handling training - Harriet, Jessica and Eve

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