Nuneaton Art School Reminiscence Café

On Sunday 10 September, we held a Reminiscence Café for former students of Nuneaton Art School, in preparation for our Art School Reunion on 12 October.

The Café gave former students an opportunity to meet, share their art work and exchange memories. We created a display of objects from our collections to evoke memories of the Art School.


Watercolour set, inkwell, drawing ink and drawing implements


Etchings by Miles Sharp, former Nuneaton Art School Art Master


Included in our display were beautiful art works by Nuneaton Art School Art Master, Miles Sharp and former pupil, George Ratcliffe.


Former Art School student David admiring sketches by George Ratcliffe, who he remembers from his time at the Art School


The Art School was based at the museum from 1923 – 1939 and from 1946 – 1961. One former student, who joined us for the Café, recalls that he attended the Art School during its last year at Nuneaton Museum from 1960 – 1961. Yet he initially attended Saturday classes in technical drawing at the museum from age fourteen. It was very interesting talking to him and discovering that during his time at the Art School, Life Drawing was held in our current Picture Gallery, the George Eliot Gallery was the Printing Room and Graphic Design courses were held in the space that is now our Local History Gallery.

Former students who joined us for the Café told us of the impressive creative careers they developed following their studies at Nuneaton Art School. Several students went on to study at Coventry College of Art, after completing the foundation course at Nuneaton Art School; and subsequently worked in the creative industries including publishing, advertising, textile design and fashion.


Carol and Margaret appreciate paintings in Margaret’s portfolio, which she shared with us at the Café


Each student credited Nuneaton Art School with having given them a comprehensive grounding in a wide range of artistic practices. Areas explored during their studies in Nuneaton included painting, life drawing, pottery, graphic design, 3D modelling, printing, photography, lithographic printing, silkscreen printing and silversmithing.


Former Art School students share their memories of former teachers, social occasions and fellow pupils at the Café


We really enjoyed meeting everyone who attended our Reminiscence Café and listening to their experiences of studying at Nuneaton Art School. Having gathered lots of fond and appreciative memories, we are excited to meet more former Art School students at the Art School Reunion on 12 October.

Former students can take part in an exciting afternoon of reminiscence and creative activities on Thursday 12 October between 1pm – 4pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

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