Volunteer Steph is a finalist at the West Midlands Volunteer Awards!

Volunteer Steph is a finalist in the Special Award: Audiences category.

Last week we were thrilled to learn that museum volunteer Steph is a finalist at the West Midlands Volunteer Awards.

Steph is a finalist in the Special Award: Audiences category in recognition of the work she has done to develop exciting new ways for children to discover the museum’s collection.

In the last year this has included creating a digital audio tour from the perspective of the museum’s founder, Edward Melly’s dog, Tootles. You may have seen Tootles’ paw prints around the museum! The project was funded by the West Midlands Museum Development Programme and involved getting to grips with some innovative and at time challenging technology.

Testing our new under 5s resource pack.

Steph is currently working on a new resource to help children under 5 to develop the skills they need to start school. When completed the pack will use the museum buildings and displays to develop children’s listening, participation and social skills. It will support them in getting ready to take the important next step in their lives. Steph is working closely with nursery and family groups to test ideas and use their feedback to develop the pack. The project is supported by Warwickshire County Council’s Smart Start funding and has seen Steph show incredible empathy and imagination to create this special resource.

Our museum volunteers do amazing work, often behind the scenes, to support the museum and we want to recognise Steph’s enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to develop new experiences for the Museum’s visitors.

The winners will be announced at a special ceremony on Tuesday 19th September and we will keep you up to date with the results.

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