Stories from the store: A box of books

“The War 1914: For Boys & Girls” by Elizabeth O’Neill

We are continuing to work on our collections audit in the Museum’s main store and are uncovering some amazing objects that have been previously undocumented. Today we wanted to tell you about one box that contained a group of historic books.

Three books in particular grabbed our attention. The first was a children’s history book that gives the story of the outbreak and initial months of the First World War. A handwritten message inside tells us that it was given as a Christmas present in 1914. The owner lived on Haunchwood Road in Stockingford, Nuneaton.

Another fascinating book was a kind of ‘dummy’s guide’ to photography dating from 1902. We loved the advertisements, which show images of cameras and photography equipment. It’s interesting to note the technology that was current at the time, with chapters on how to make negatives, prints and lantern slides.

“Photography for Novices: The Primus Handbook” by Percy Lund

“Photography for Novices: The Primus Handbook” by Percy Lund

Finally, there’s a piece of local history with this rather appealing guide to dyeing textiles, including wool, cotton and silk. Its handy cut out tabs allow the reader to turn quickly to the textile of interest. The book was used in the dyeing department at Hall & Philips, a hat factory on Meadow Street, Nuneaton. The hatters were based in Nuneaton from 1868 and we believe this book was in use in the early to mid 20th century.

The book was written by German company Badische Anilin- & Sodafabrik

“Pocket Guide to the Application of Dyestuffs” used at Hall & Philips hat factory.

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  1. ConlanSmith says:

    Wow, really neat! Enjoyed reading.

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