The Hands on History session for May explores Disguise through the form of masks.

Take the opportunity to get hands on with masks of all shapes, sizes & colours from the Museum’s collection, while the Access Assistants share with you the stories that hide behind them. Discover how they were made, the materials they were made from and the unique individuals who wore them for performance, dance, or ritual.

One of the masks we will be sharing with you is this extremely rare wrought iron Siberian Shaman mask that was probably worn during a ritual or ceremony.


The mask originated from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. The Shaman of this tribe was a spiritual leader associated with the spiritual realm. His role was passed down through generations  to sustain the balance between the human, natural and spiritual world, with the belief that each realm is made up of living spirits that should be honoured.

Through blessings, spiritual ceremonies and rituals the Shaman was able to access the healing powers of the spiritual realm and ultimately achieve harmony for their community.

The Museum Access Assistants look forward to sharing our magnificent masks with you from 11am to 4pm on Saturday 20th May in the Picture Gallery.

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