From 1917 – Celebrating 100 Years of Nuneaton Museum

In celebration of Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery’s 100th Birthday our next Hands on History session will take you back to the year 1917, when the Museum first opened its doors to visitors.

On display will be several objects from the Museum collections, including a series of photographs showing how the Museums interior & exterior has changed over the past century, alongside Museum objects dated 1917.

Beaded Snake.1

One of the objects we will share with you is this exquisite beaded snake, handmade by a First World War Turkish Prisoner of War. Prisoners made a variety of bead work objects to pass time during their imprisonment, including necklaces & lizards. The snake was most prominent as it was believed to be a symbol of good luck in the Middle East & was easier to construct due to its tube like design.

Beaded Snake.2

The prisoner would hand select glass beads to adorn to the snakes basic fabric structure either using crochet or by weaving them on a small loom. This particular snake is made from small green glass beads, with the incorporation of a basic zig zag design distinguished in black. The words ‘Turkish Prisoner 1917’,  are composed in blue beads on the white underside of the snake telling us the year it was created & where.

Once completed these beautiful objects were used to barter and exchange for food or sent away as gifts to the loved ones of prisoners.

Our Museum Access Assistants look forward to sharing this beautiful object with you, and more from 11am to 4pm on Saturday 15th April in the Picture Gallery.

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