Transcribing diaries: New volunteer opportunity at the Museum

What was day to day life like as a young woman growing up in Nuneaton during the Second World War? We have just acquired a set of diaries that offer valuable insight into teenage life during this turbulent period in the Borough’s history and are looking for a volunteer to help us transcribe them.

Sunday 3rd September, 1939: “The British gave Germany till 11.0 AM to take arms out of Europe. They did not. We are at War.”

Joyce Webb was born in 1923 and lived on Heath End Road with her parents, Joseph and Evelyn. She kept pocket diaries recording her activities each day. We have acquired a number of Joyce’s diaries including a full set from the war years. When war broke out in September 1939 Joyce was 16 years old. By the time the war finished she was 22.

Monday 7th May, 1945: “Announced V. Day tomorrow!!!”

We are looking for a volunteer to read Joyce’s diaries, identify and transcribe key entries to add to our records. The ideal volunteer would have:

  • The ability to read and transcribe small handwriting
  • An interest in local history and an awareness of Nuneaton landmarks, buildings and organisations in the mid 20th century
  • An awareness of key events during the Second World War as well as acronyms that may have been used at the time
  • Word processing skills

For more information and a role description please contact Becky Harvey at

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