Designer and Maker

Join us on Saturday 18th February for a Hands on History session when we look at the role of the Designer and Maker and the commitment and passion each have for their art.

One of the objects we will share with you is this pen and ink mood board for the cover of Punch magazine  by Nuneaton born cartoonist Noel Ford.

Noel Ford is a nationally acclaimed, award winning cartoonist whos work has appeared in many newspapers and publications over the past forty years.

It wasn’t until the age of thirty-three that Ford became a full time cartoonist, creating cartoons for publications including Private Eye, Morning Advertiser and Punch Magazine.

Punch Magazine was renowned for its witty humor and satire, providing a platform for artists and writers to comment on political events, alongside aspects of everyday life.

This mood board gives us a great insight into how a cartoonist works and develops his ideas. Mood boards like this are used by many designers to document their early stages of planning & development.



Come and explore this and other objects this Saturday at our Hands on History event. No need to book, just drop in! Camellia and I look forward to seeing you in the Picture Gallery from 11.00am until 4.00pm.

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