Time travel through the sharing of objects!

During our next Hands on History session on Saturday 17th December we will go on a journey through the decades as we will share with you a selection of objects used to capture and record time from the museums collection, without which it may have been impossible to recollect these moments at all.

On display will be clocks, cameras, lantern slides, photographs and much more, including this beautiful Swiss calendar pocket watch, dated 1910.


The white enamel clock face has roman numerals and three calendar dials, one each for the month of the year, date of the month and day of the week.

The larger blue, forth dial circle is used to depict the phases of the moon. This lunar addition means the watch has more than one purpose and is able to tell us more than the current time. This is referred to as a complication.

The moon, sun and constellations were once the only means of tracking the passing of time. This watch is a perfect reminder of how our method of recording time have changed and progressed, putting into question what methods may be used in the future?

Please join us in the Picture Gallery between 11am to 4pm.

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