School’s Out!

It’s the end of a very productive year working with our local schools and colleges!

Film and Media students from King Edward VI College worked with an animation artist to produce our fantastic ‘Little Brother’ stop motion film.  You may remember this featured in our ‘Protest’ exhibition and drew praise from teachers and visitors alike.
We rounded our year of school projects off in June with a very successful visit by pupils from Arc School, Old Arley. In this project pupils were invited ‘behind the scenes’ to investigate objects in our stores that have an industrial or architectural link. Taking inspiration from the objects they were then tasked to produce a piece of artwork back in the classroom.
So, as another school year ends and the summer holidays begin, we are already hard at work planning more school projects in the autumn. Thank you to all the teachers, pupils and students for your enthusiasm and creativity which makes all our projects very special!IMG_6440

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2 Responses to School’s Out!

  1. Maria says:

    What is in his hand, can just make out ‘Stanley’. Thanks

  2. matthewgrahamjohnson says:

    Hi Maria,

    It’s a Lamp Tally possibly from Nuneaton Colliery which was owned by Stanley Bros.

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