ratThis week we are putting together our new exhibition called “(B)lab” and I can safely say we haven’t done anything like this before.  The exhibition has come out of our work with Battersea Arts Centre and the Creative Museums Programme.  Creative Museums is about us learning “Scratch” the method which Battersea uses to make new shows and test ideas.  At its heart is the principle that you share an idea with your audience at the first opportunity.

We really want to use Scratch here at the museum to make change.  We are starting off by wanting to find out what stories should be told about local history.  To do this we worked with Matt and Kirsty, 2 artists who have previously worked with Battersea, to come up with ideas about how we might test stories on visitors to the museum and our Blog.  At one of our sessions the idea of a Borough Lab or (B)lab was born.  We are now installing the Lab which will contain stories to be tested alongside a feedback area called the (Blab)Back.  We want lots of people to visit the (B)lab, young or old and tell us what stories should be kept and added to our Reposi(story).

For those of you who can’t visit in person we’ll be adding stuff to this Blog; please post a comment to let us know what you think.

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