The History Hub tackles the Home Front!



Have you ever wondered how a Community Case exhibition is produced at the Museum & Art Gallery?

Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery has been working with local history group The History Hub to help tell the story of life on the Home Front in Nuneaton during the First World War. Members of the group are choosing and researching Museum objects that reflected life away from the battlefield. Including letters home from soldiers to ‘Trench Art’ souvenirs, these artefacts tell a fascinating story of how everyday people coped with the war.

For instance, did you know that Parma Violet perfume sachets were sold to help raise money for the war effort in 1915 . Clearly Galley Common School were doing their bit!

The first task for the group was to identify objects from our collection which captured their interest and fitted the Home Front theme. These were noted down. Subsequent workshops will see the group researching their selected objects in depth, composing labels and finally creating a display within the Community Case. Throughout the project, participants are taught a range of skills such as object handling, basic conservation, effective label writing and display techniques.

This project compliments other work currently being undertaken by The History Hub. Thisviolets volunteer based group is currently researching several pairs of brothers from Nuneaton who were killed in action during 1916.

The Community Showcase is a great way for members of local clubs, societies, schools or special interest groups to explore the museum collections and select objects which they would like to exhibit in the case. If you are interested in taking part, please contact the Museum Outreach Officer on 024 7635 0720.


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