New acquisition: Photographs from Alfred Conner & Co. Ltd.


The company owned a fleet of delivery vans branded with its distinctive logo.

We have recently acquired a wonderful collection of photographs taken in the 1970s at Alfred Conner & Co. Ltd.

Alfred Conner & Co. Ltd. was founded in 1878 and had three factories and a warehouse in Nuneaton. Its Head Office was on Fife Street with further factories at Aston Road, York Street and Pool Road.

The company was known locally as Conner’s or Conner’s Box Factory. At the time these photographs were taken it employed approximately 450 people.


The photographs depict different manufacturing stages and show both traditional techniques and the latest technology.

The company manufactured a wide range of products but specialised in games and playing boards, jigsaw puzzles, rigid boxes, printed cartons and handmade boxes. It offered a full service from design to printing, cutting, finishing and packing.


Several photographs show employees assembling jigsaws. The company could produce up to 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

We have acquired thirty-four photographs, which offer a fascinating glimpse into life at the factories for the men and women who worked there. They also reveal some of the products being manufactured at the time, which include boxes for Wedgwood and a ‘Black Beauty’ jigsaw.

We’re currently cataloging the photographs together with a small group of related ephemera. We would be really interested to hear from anyone who might be able to tell us a little more about the photographs. Were you working for Alfred Conner & Co. Ltd. around this time? Do you think you might recognise the people in the photographs or could explain the processes taking place at the factory?

If you would like to help us catalogue the photographs please contact Becky, Assistant Museum Officer at

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2 Responses to New acquisition: Photographs from Alfred Conner & Co. Ltd.

  1. amazing – I have a photo of a jig saw and its box made by Connors from the 1930’s – are you willing to share the Connors photos with Nuneaton memories (watermarked of course) email

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