An insight into how we source our shows – will you be exhibiting with us in 2017?

Visitors to the museum will know we show all kinds of different things and our exhibitions cover a wide range of subjects.

We host touring exhibitions which we hire in from different galleries and companies and we often develop our own exhibitions to present interesting messages and ideas to our visitors. We also accept exhibition applications from members of the public and preparing for the next round of applications is what I’ve been working on lately.

shows white gallery


The selection process for exhibition places is competitive so we try and produce guidelines to help people with their applications. We also provide things like a Biography Template to help us get to know lots more about the people applying – this helps when the panel sits down to make their selections. The panel usually consists of about 4 people, some of which won’t be from the museum at all. This means the panel might know very little about the applicants, which is why good quality photos of the things to be exhibited, and having a good exhibition idea, are so important.

Part of my job is to get these guidelines and templates ready, which along with other sheets form our Application Pack. It’s just one of the things I’ve been working on lately and it’s really interesting to think about how we can best develop it.

But….soon all my hard work putting together the Application Pack will be over and it’ll be down to you to decide if you’re going to apply to us with your exhibition idea!DSCN7408

We welcome either art, craft, photography or history-based applications. Both individuals and groups are welcome to apply and applications will be open until Sunday June 5th 2016 so there’s plenty of time to have a think about what kind of show you’d like to put forward.

It’s free to apply and free to exhibit (but we do take commission on sales made during the show). There are also three different temporary exhibition spaces, each with different sizes and layouts, meaning we can accommodate a lot of different types of proposal. You can see in these photos an exhibition which was held in the White Gallery, which is one of our larger spaces, and an exhibition on the theme of protest which was developed by the museum for the Landing Gallery (which is our smallest temporary exhibition space).

Why not have a go and see if your show can be one of 2017’s exhibition showstoppers. Our Application Packs will be released soon.


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