Countdown to Christmas 19 : Strictly Come Television

Since televisions became widespread the Christmas season has often revolved around the t.v. schedule.  The Queen’s broadcast (since 1957) the big film or for teenagers in the past the Christmas Top of the Pops.  Icons such as Morecambe and Wise and Larry Grayson’s Generation Game dominated the Christmas’s of the 1970s and early 1980s with their specials.  Even today the double tv guides are a feature of many of our Christmas’s.  Of course one programme which has become a feature of many families’ day is the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special coming as it does hot on the heels of the final.

For those familiar with the programme, one of the catchphrases used by Len Goodman the Senior Judge is “pickle me walnuts”.  We thought it might be fun those of you at a loose end this Christmas to have a recipe to do just that.

The recipe is once more taken from Elizabeth Raffald’s cookbook from 1682.

Gather your walnuts when the sun is hot upon them, and before the shell is hard, which you may know by running a pin into them, then put them in srong salt and water for nine days, and stir them twice a day, and change the salt and water every 3 days, then put them in a hair sieve, and let them stand in the air till they turn black; then put them in strong stone jars, and pour boiling allegar over them, cover them up, and let them stand till they are cold, then boil the allegar three times more, and let it stand till it is cold betwixt every time; tie them down with paper and a bladder over them, and let them stand two months, then take them out of the allegar, and make a pickle for them; to every two quarts of allegar put half an ounce of mace, the same of cloves, one ounce of black pepper, the same of Jamaica pepper, ginger and long pepper, and two ounces of common salt, boil it ten minutes and pour it hot upon your walnuts, and tie them down with a bladder and paper over it.

Toy dog and larry grayson 004

Pot made by Larry Grayson on the Generation Game.



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