Countdown to Christmas 14: Mince Pies

The ancestor of the mince pies we know today was the Christmas pie which contained beef, suet, currants, raisins, lemons, spices, orange peel, goose, tongue, fowl and eggs.  It was supposed to have 13 ingredients in it to represent Christ and his apostles.  Before the break with the Catholic church during Henry VIIIs reign the pies were often in the shape of a cradle with a small pastry Jesus in the middle.  The puritans objected to them and they disappeared until the monarchy was restored in the 1660s.  It was believed to be bad luck to reject the offer of a mince pie.  If you wanted to gather extra seasonal luck you would eat a mince pie on each of the twelve days of Christmas.  If you fancy trying the challenge, bear in mind they should be offered by a friend to attract the most luck.

wp_20151214_15_58_41_mince pie

Mince pie iced with topping in our kitchen.



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