Exploring our World Cultures collection on Historypin

Inuit Carving

An Inuit carving from our collection; one of the many fascinating objects shared on Historypin.

We recently collaborated in an exciting online project to share images of our World Cultures collection on Historypin.

Historypin enables people to share the history of places that matter to them. The website uses collections of photographs, documents, sounds and moving images to trigger memories and start conversations.

We participated in a small partnership project with Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum and the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum. This online collaboration was created in response to to a postgraduate research project exploring ethnographic collections in local authority museums.

The project considered ways to increase access to these types of objects and shares some fascinating items collected by the three museums. From an Inuit carving from Nunavut XOA, Canada to a South African divination accessory used to acquire information in rituals, there’s lots to discover.

You can also post comments to tell us what you think of these objects. Can you tell us anything more about them? What do these objects make you think about?

For us Historypin is a new way of sharing our collections and the objects presented are just a small sample of our World Cultures collection. Do you think Historypin is a good platform for viewing these objects? Did you enjoy using it to look at our collections?

We would love to hear your views!

You can follow this link to start exploring the collection.

Many thanks to Janine Fox, Project Lead for inviting Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery to participate in this project as part of her Anthropology postgraduate diploma with Oxford Brookes University.

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