Arc School Workshop

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Shannon, Lewis, Evan, Jamey and Callum – Year 8 and 10 students from Arc School Church End in Ansley, Warwickshire. Visiting their school to introduce myself and my work as an Illustrator was a brilliant experience.

They definitely gave me a different perspective on the Inuit collection the next day when they came to the museum. Whilst we looked at and handled some of the objects, the group asked questions that everyone would want to know, and that confirmed to me how much I’ve learned in the last few months – because I could answer most of their questions.

DSCF3059          DSCF3061

‘What did they do if there were no shops around to buy things? And if I lived there what would I do?’

‘How did they get medicine when someone in their family was sick?’

‘Where is Baffin Island’?

‘Did they play football?’ (The answer is yes, of course – we even have evidence!)

The group got a peek into the collection stores at the museum to learn about the museum’s work behind the scenes – something I really enjoy the opportunity to do myself!

Afterwards the students helped to embellish one of my final illustrations, by producing their own print design based on what inspired them about life on Baffin Island. Here are some images from the workshop, but you can see the final designs in the exhibition ‘The Land That Faces Away From The Sun: Changing Lives on Baffin Island’ which opens tomorrow at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery.

DSCF3076       DSCF3078


DSCF3085    DSCF3086

A very special ‘thank you’ goes out to Jane Sperring, the students’ teacher at Arc; Robin Johnson, Arc’s Cultural Curator (both supported the session so brilliantly) and Matthew Johnson, Outreach Officer at Nuneaton Museum who led the fascinating ‘behind the scenes’ tour at the museum.

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