First World War Remembered

Although we are a museum not an archive we do hold some personal letters.  It seemed appropriate to share in this month of remembrance this letter from Arthur Moreton.  Arthur was writing home on November 12th 1914 from his training camp prior to shipping over to France.  This is what he wrote,

Nov 12th 1914


Dear Mother

Thanks very much for letters and cakes which Elsie packed well, not any broken, J Tooth and myself did enjoy them. Have seen Reg Smith several times, he looks a lot better than when at Nuneaton.

Thank Ray Wain very much for cigarettes and I hope he is keeping well and also Mrs Wain, should like to see him before we leave for France.  Have been drawing at the Orderly Room the last day or two of all the trenches round for Major Hill.  We were firing Monday and Tuesday. I made a good score, 20 out of 25 at 100 yards; 18 out of 20 at 300, 24 out of 30 at 300 yards. Not bad. I believe we start shooting tomorrow for an extra 3 a day, which I get now, but without I get 95 out of 120, it will be stopped. I am rather afraid it will be as well, for its shooting to get it. 

I tried to get this week, but it did not come off, might get next week, and I believe we shall have 2 days at the beginning of next month before we start for France across the fish pond. We will sing when we get there ‘We’ll make the Germans run,’ – but they might make us, they are pretty strong along this Front. 

Have had a bad eye, have bathed it several times and its nearly right now. You might send a woollen cardigan, my waistcoat has nearly done its bit, and it is getting cold now.


Hope you are all quite well


Your loving son


Hope I shall be able to get for I should like to see the pigs before they are sold. What do you think they weigh now (18 stone)?

 Remember me to (unreadable) and all and Mr Somers


Am going on alright


We believe that Arthur survived the war going on to be an architect.




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  1. lovely to read – take a look at this – Diary Of A WW1 Nuneaton Soldier on our blog

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