Mapping Memories

Well had a fantastic time on Monday at Edward Street  Day Centre with a special printing workshop.

Print artist Tracey Watson worked with somTea towel workshop underwaye of the Centre users to create print designs for a new tea towel that the Museum & Art Gallery will be selling later this year. All of the workshop participants are first generation migrants to Nuneaton and were asked to create designs based on buildings that were important to them, either now or in the past.

After some lively reminiscence over many photographs of buildings, the workshop took off with designs being produced at a steady rate. Impressions of places such as J.C. Smiths department store, Courtaulds factory, where many of the participants once worked, and even The Palace Cinema once of Queens Road, emerged from the paper and printing ink.

Everyone made it to the end, happy and tired. Thanks to Maarya for the cups of tea! There will be further updates on the final design of the tea towel in the next few weeks.

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