Help Make Me Tick!


Fred with the organ clock before donating it to Nuneaton Museum

Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery has launched a fundraising campaign to get Nuneaton’s Black Forest organ clock working again. Funds donated will restore the clock movement and organ, which plays German folk music. You can find out more and keep up to date with the project on the helpmakemetick blog.

The Black Forest organ clock was found by local gentleman, Fred Hogg, in pieces, in a Nuneaton workshop Yard. At this time, he worked as a Mill Manager for the former Nuneaton Timber Company and was passionate about carpentry.

During the Second World War, he assisted with sourcing the timber for the re-building of bomb damaged Chilvers Coton Church. During the re-building, he worked alongside a group of German Prisoners of War, who were based at Arbury Hall, to restore the church’s reredos. Among the Prisoners of War there was a carpenter and artist, he asked them for their help to restore the clock case and face. He also engaged the help of a local organ builder who gave him advice on replacing parts of the organ. Once the organ was restored, he worked the clock, which played the organ to the German Prisoners of War so they could listen to and confirm the music of their home land. Find out more about the clock on our fundraising blog.

The ‘Make Me Tick’ restoration project aims to:

  • Restore the clock and organ to a working condition
  • Conserve the face and case to a stable condition
  • Film the conservators at work and make this accessible both online and onsite
  • Record the music produced by the clock and make this accessible both online and onsite
  • Create a regular custom when the clock can be played whilst on display
  • Engage with specialist groups who may have an interest in the clock mechanism and the project and wish to contribute to the research for the interpretation and specialist knowledge
  • Recruit and train both new and existing volunteers to help research the local aspects of the story
  • Improve the display and interpretation for the clock
  • Develop a family resource for the clock

To achieve this, the museum hopes to raise around £8,000. Please help us! By donating to this project you can help make history come alive through music. Visit our donate page to find out more.

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3 Responses to Help Make Me Tick!

  1. Kathleen Hockton says:

    Is there a Update of the Progress of the restoration of the Clock please. Kathleen Hockton Granddaughter of

    • Becky Harvey says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      Thank you for getting in touch. The clock has been worked on by two different conservators who looked at the clock movement and the organ mechanism. It was recently returned to the Museum where it will need a little more conservation work to re-instate it in the Picture Gallery. This work will take place at the start of October; we’ll keep you up to date and let you know when it’s ready for you to see.
      Best wishes,

      • Kathleen Hockton says:

        Becky, Thank you, I am looking forward to seeing the clock working again. I remember my grandfather ( Fred Hogg) showing me the mechanism & listening to the music when I was a teenager. Kind Regards Kathleen.

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