‘Agis Quod Agis’

Edward Ferdinand Melly

Edward Ferdinand Melly

On 20th December 1913 Edward Ferdinand Melly got his wish from the Council granted. If they would buy a plot of land in RiversleyPark, he would pay to have a Museum built. To celebrate this amazing event we are bringing Melly back (in the form of an actor) to talk about his many local achievements in the form of a short monologue.

There has been an overwhelming response by local groups and organisations to welcome ‘Melly’ and host his monologue across the borough. Since we began planning this project in September it seems that local people have embraced the idea of both celebrating  the centenary and finding out a little more about the man himself.

Melly will be visiting 12 locations in total,some especially for groups, other will be open to everyone. Several of the locations have significance for Melly. For example Nuneaton Library is situated almost in the grounds of where his house once stood. in Church Street. Other locations such as the GeorgeEliotHospital and Riversley Park Clinic reflect Melly’s creation of a Cottage Hospital and his role as President of the local NSPCC.

You can join Melly and hear the monologue for free at the following places and times:


Thursday 12 December  Nuneaton Library  4pm

Friday 13 December   Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre  3.30pm

Saturday 14 December  Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery  11.30am & 2.30pm

Sunday 15 December  Astley Book Farm  2.30pm

By the way, if you are wondering about the title of this blog piece, it translates as ‘Do what you do’ or ‘Whatever you do, do well.’ This was the favourite motto of Charles Melly, Edward’s father and ‘Do What You Do’ is the title we have chosen to give the monologue!

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