Favourite Downton Abbey Costume Revealed!

As the new series of Downton Abbey begins on British television screens, Nuneaton Museum is looking back at the success of the recent costume exhibition ‘Dressing Downton’. Museum staff, volunteers and visitors were all sad to see the exhibition dismantled. The exhibition received a positive response from the visitors and helped bring in around 20,000 visits during the 10 weeks of being open.

We have now looked through visitor feedback from the exhibition and would like to share this with our readers. During the exhibition, we asked visitors which costume they liked the most. We had 167 responses in total.


The winner was Lady Mary’s evening dress with 67 votes. When asked why they liked this costume the most, visitor’s comments included:

“It is so beautiful and elegant”Dressing Downton

“It is really pretty”

“It looks so elegant”

“The style and colour [is] quite contemporary”

“Very elegant and beautiful design”

“I can remember her wearing it”

“It is so elegant and the black lace detail is exquisite!”

“Delicate and very beautiful!”

“So delicate, beautiful and tiny! The workmanship fabulous too!”



Lady Mary’s engagement dress came second with 52 votes. Visitor’s comments included:

“The colour and work put into it”Dressing Downton

“The style and colours are quite contemporary”

“The colour is beautiful and the flow of the dress is just perfect”

“The beading is beautiful”

“So delicate and feminine not like today’s clothes”




Sybil’s pantaloons came third with 48 votes. Visitor’s comments included:

“Very daring Sybil!”Dressing Downton

“Very daring – I too am a bit of a rebel!”

“Its oriental design, a little daring for the time”

“Rebelious but also elegant”

“Represents her values and the changing attitudes forwards [for] women in the early 20th Century”

“Pretty colours”

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One Response to Favourite Downton Abbey Costume Revealed!

  1. Robin J says:

    Yes! I knew democracy worked. The best dress won

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