Great British Bake off!

I like many of the team at the museum are a fan of the Great British Bake Off.  I was particularly interested in the piece about the history of the trifle broadcast last night.  Whilst we don’t have a copy of the Recipe Book by Hannah Glass that they mentioned, we do have another published in 1782 written by Elizabeth Raffald.  I thought it might be interesting to pass on her recipe for trifle, no mention of Calfs Foot here.

To make a Trifle.

PUT three large macaroons in the middle of your dish, pour as much white wine over them as they wil drink, then take a quart of cream, put in as much sugar as will make it sweet, rub your sugar upon the rind of a lemon to fetch out the essence, put your cream into a pot, mill it to a strong froth, lay as much froth upona sieve as will fill the dish you intend to put your trifle in, put the remainder of your cream into a toffing pan, with a stick of cinnamon, the yolkes of four eggs well beat, and sugar to your taste, fet them over a gentle fire, stir it one way till it is thick, then take it off the fire, pour it upon your macaroons, when it is cold put on your frothed cream, lay round it different coloured sweetmeats, and small hot comfits in, and figures or flowers.

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  1. gp says:

    now there’s a speedy blog response!

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