Geraint and Enid’s Journey Continues…

Couriers packing 'Geraint and Enid'Nuneaton Museum Art Gallery have sent away an oil painting from the collection, to be re-glazed. ‘Geraint and Enid’ (1913) by Adrian Jones is earmarked to be displayed later in the year when the museum team will re-hang a wall in the Picture Gallery, however the painting first needed some work carried out on it.

Conservators, Gale & Co based in Birmingham, will be installing new glazing into the original gold gilt frame. The old glass needed to be replaced due to being damaged many years ago. Due to this damage, ‘Geraint and Enid’ has been in storage for over a decade and it is an exciting prospect that it could be displayed once again. In addition, the conservators will improve the stability of the frame for hanging. The painting is very large, at about 60 inches wide, and will need to be adequately supported in order for it to be hung.

The painting is based on the Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem titled ‘Geraint and Enid’. The character Geraint appears in both Welsh folklore and Arthurian legend. Tennyson wrote two poems inspired by the Arthurian legend titled ‘The Marriage of Geraint’ and ‘Geraint and Enid’. These were written as part of his ‘Idylls of the King’ series, which re-tells the legends around King Arthur. The poems were originally published as one titled ‘Enid’ in 1859, which Tennyson then later split into two.

The legend tells the love story between Geraint, one of King Arthur’s men, and Enid, who fall in love and marry. After misunderstandings surrounding Geraint’s loss of confidence in fighting, he believes End has admitted to committing adultery and takes her away on a dangerous trip, where she is forbidden to speak to him. Throughout the journey she proves her love and faithfulness by saving his life many times and his fighting spirit is finally restored. The story has a happy ending.

Painter and sculptor Adrian Jones (1845-1938) was born in Ludlow, Shropshire and died in Chelsea, London. He graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1866. He then joined the army, with whom he travelled widely and became Captain of the Second Life Guards. With his veterinary training, Jones had gained an intimate knowledge of the life of animals, especially horses. He used this knowledge throughout his career to produce his unique sculptures and paintings. By the late 1880s, he was an established artist and created several famous statues in London, including ‘The Quadriga of Peace’ that tops the arch at Hyde Park Corner.

If you would like to see ‘Geraint and Enid’ on display in the re-hang of the Picture Gallery, please vote for it on our online survey and tell us why….


About janineclarefox

My name is Janine Fox and I am Assistant Museum Officer at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery. My role is to care and document the museum collection. Working within a small team means I also help install exhibitions, carry out research for enquiries and assist with larger museum projects. What inspires me? Apart from tea and chocolate, I would say travel, photography, art and anything old with a story to tell! It will come as no surprise that I love my job; I work with objects, ensuring that they are looked after, made available for the public and that their stories are recorded for perpetuity.
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