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Under Doctor’s Orders – A Review

Last week saw us taking a trip back in time through health history. We stopped off in the 1960s and had a whiff of some carbolic soap. We then had a brief stop in the 1950s to find out about … Continue reading

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£170 a year for doing almost nothing. Tempted?

With just a few simple changes to your lifestyle and your home, you could actually save this amount of money. Follow the museum’s tips for a greener approach to energy and a healthier wallet!   Hot Spot Many people have … Continue reading

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Top 10 Objects on Display

Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery would like to share the top 10 objects currently on display. Museum volunteer Pete first took a camera around the museum and snapped objects that stood out as interesting and inspiring items to him. The museum team then managed … Continue reading

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Geraint and Enid’s Journey Continues…

Nuneaton Museum Art Gallery have sent away an oil painting from the collection, to be re-glazed. ‘Geraint and Enid’ (1913) by Adrian Jones is earmarked to be displayed later in the year when the museum team will re-hang a wall in … Continue reading

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