Toy Story Memories

Last week at the museum we took a trip back to childhood with our ‘Toy Story’ handling session based around toys. We brought out a number of toys from the museum collection from a tin petrol tanker made in the 1930s all the way up to a 2012 Olympics Mascot cuddly toy. The objects came from all over the world, too, from an Inuit balancing fish toy to a pair of bark-cloth dolls from South Uganda.


As you can imagine, both we and our visitors had a lot of fun getting ‘hands-on’ with these objects. Everyone had a story to tell from their own childhood as handling the toys sparked many memories. The wooden horse and giraffe dating to the 1970s reminded one visitor of the kind of toys she used to buy as stocking-fillers for her children , who are now in their 40s! Our youngest visitor, a little girl of  three, took a shine to the ‘Margaret’ baby doll from the 1950s. This proved that  toys have a timeless appeal, no matter how old they are. All in all a very rewarding day full of toy reminiscences.


 Don’t forget to join us for our next Hands On History session, ‘Best Foot Forward’, on Saturday 20th July. On display will be a selection of  shoes and footwear from the museum collection which will compliment our new ‘Dressing Downton’ exhibition.Toy Soldier

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