How do you sum up the museum in ten minutes?

Tonight we have been asked to make a presentation about our work at the Housing, Health and Communities OS Committee.  This committee oversees aspects of the work of the council to ensure that services are delivering what the local community needs. 

It is important to pick the highlights of the last twelve months so far I have the following

We have carried out projects with the Nepali and Ex Gurkha Community.  We have started this blog.  We have delivered 36 days of children’s activities.  We have toured exhibitions to Bedworth Parsonage Project.  We have made changes to the Local History Gallery.  We have produced a digital toolkit with St Thomas More’s School to help other schools carry out oral history projects.  Put up and taken down 17 exhibitions.  Welcomed a new cafe owner.  Carried out twelve pre-school storytelling sessions.  Did a special handling session of George Eliot items to celebrate her birthday.  Welcomed T.V cameras from the One Show and Antiques Road Trip? Had some lovely items donated.

If you have visited the museum what would you add?

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