Local history gets a facelift!

This week the team at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery have begun stripping out the Local History Gallery in a two-week plan to freshen-up the space. The gallery update has been a few months in the planning and it is exciting to finally get started!

The first stage of the process has been to remove the objects that have been on display. Most of these objects are going back into storage and locations have to be identified for them to return to.

The second stage has been to reposition the walls and cases into a different layout. This can be quite tricky as we have to consider light and heat levels for sensitive objects and there needs to be enough seating, plenty of space for visitors who bring pushchairs and wheelchairs, plenty to read, see and plenty of interactive activities to keep families entertained.

The third stage has been to paint the gallery. This will provide a lighter space with a neutral wall colour. The weekend will allow the space to air and fumes to disperse. Then next week we can start installing the new content of the exhibition.

This rejig is not the end of the road and we will be gathering feedback for future changes to the gallery next year.

Moving wallsPainting walls


About janineclarefox

My name is Janine Fox and I am Assistant Museum Officer at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery. My role is to care and document the museum collection. Working within a small team means I also help install exhibitions, carry out research for enquiries and assist with larger museum projects. What inspires me? Apart from tea and chocolate, I would say travel, photography, art and anything old with a story to tell! It will come as no surprise that I love my job; I work with objects, ensuring that they are looked after, made available for the public and that their stories are recorded for perpetuity.
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