A Happy Birthday to George Eliot!

Yesterday George Eliot turned 193! The local writer was born on South Farm on the Arbury Estate, Nuneaton, on the 22nd November 1819.

To celebrate the anniversary of the writer’s birth, the museum brought out items from storage to enable visitors to see George Eliot objects not usually on display.

Visitors were encouraged to put on gloves and handle the objects to get a closer look and find out a bit more about the George Eliot collection. The museum also took the opportunity to display the dress worn by George Eliot not on permanent display due to its sensitive condition. A reproduction of this dress is on permanent display in the room setting in the George Eliot Gallery.


About janineclarefox

My name is Janine Fox and I am Assistant Museum Officer at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery. My role is to care and document the museum collection. Working within a small team means I also help install exhibitions, carry out research for enquiries and assist with larger museum projects. What inspires me? Apart from tea and chocolate, I would say travel, photography, art and anything old with a story to tell! It will come as no surprise that I love my job; I work with objects, ensuring that they are looked after, made available for the public and that their stories are recorded for perpetuity.
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