Steph Smith gets to grips with the Handling Collection

My name is Steph Smith and I work at the Museum part time as a Museum Assistant and on Mondays as a Volunteer.

Over the past few months I have begun thetask of refreshing the Museum’s Handling Boxes. There are two types of box that are available for the community to use, Reminiscence and School boxes.

My first job was to go through each box and update the database with current object conditions and locations. This was a really fascinating job because I really got to know what the boxes have to offer as well as discovering great objects such as an original Tala baking set from the 1950s. Very retro!

My next task is to photograph all the objects and research them so we can provide users with some interesting facts.

As I only volunteer on Mondays I often find myself helping out with exhibition change overs and other things . This means that progress on the boxes has been slow. However, this week I reached a milestone and completed the first box, a Shopping & Cooking Reminiscence Box. Hopefully I’ll have the others completed soon!

Follow this link to find out how to book a box.

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