New Exhibition in the Yellow Gallery!

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am currently volunteering behind the scenes at the Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery. I have been helping install a new art exhibition by the very talented Weddington Art Group.

The artists filled the gallery last Monday afternoon as they came to drop off their work. It was great to get the first look at what they had brought along. Their work ranges from beautiful scenic watercolours to detailed figures made from wax, so there really is something for everyone!

On Tuesday morning I began helping hang the pieces on the wall, something which I think definitely takes practice. Although I have a way to go before I am as speedy as Catherine, the Museum & Arts Officer. However, getting the work on the walls turned out to be easy compared to getting them straight!  I got there in the end though, and after they had all been numbered and checked, the Yellow Gallery had been successfully filled with yet another great exhibition.

Their work is on display until the 30th September so come down and see if anything takes your fancy. I apologise in advance if anything is wonky!

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2 Responses to New Exhibition in the Yellow Gallery!

  1. Matt Harp says:

    what’s the process through which artists have to go to be exposed in your museum?

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