Phew ………nearly there!

courtesy of RGS

Courtesy of RGS

This week we have been hanging a new exhibition, “With Scott to the Pole”.  Its been heavy and time consuming work as some of the images are very large and the hanging system that comes with the show has meant a lot of measuring and calculations. 

We will spend the next couple of days tweaking some of them where the spacing doesn’t look right or they don’t look straight.  Unfortunately in the White Gallery, the walls skirtings and radiators aren’t straight which means we sometimes get a picture exactly level and it will still look wonky!

One of the best things about working at the museum is unwrapping the artworks and seeing them in the flesh.  Although we had been sent some thumbnails by email nothing prepared us for seeing the actual prints.  They are all the more sad when you know how the story ended.

We have all got our favourites and as the exhibition continues they will change as we notice new things in the pictures.  It would be great to hear from you which picture you liked best after you visit.  The show which is on tour from the Royal Geographical Society features the work of Herbert Ponting and will be open from Saturday at 10.30am!

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