Collections audit update

Through auditing the museum collection we aim to improve documentation about the objects we look after and put on display. During the audit we record the location, condition and take a photograph of each object so that we have a visual as well as a written record of everything.

Mondays are usually my audit day. It is very exciting task as I know I am opening boxes that may not have been opened in a long time! On audit days I either work in the stores collecting the location information and taking photographs, or I am updating the records onto our collections management database. The level of information the museum holds about the objects in store varies. Some objects have a good story documented on file, other objects may have had very little recorded about them at the time of donation.

If you find that you would like to contribute to any object information on the collection blogs, please do comment on the post, we always welcome more information!

Here a few items audited and updated yesterday…

Measham Ware teapot, 1912

Inscribed “Mr. and Mrs. Brown 1912 Home Sweet Home”. Pot decorated with baskets of flowers, sprays of thistles and leaves and peacocks. Two single thistles and floral decor together with small teapot on lid.

Teapots like these were also known as Barge Ware because they were often sold to working boatmen and women. They were often given as wedding presents or passed down through the family generations.


Blue engineering coping brick, 19th Century

Stamped “T-HARDY / NUNEATON”. Blue engineering bricks like these were manufactured in and around Nuneaton during the 1800s to 1900s. The quality of the clay is the local area is incredibly rich and companies such as Haunchwood Brick and Tile and Stanleys were successful at mining the clay and producing excellent building materials during this time.


About janineclarefox

My name is Janine Fox and I am Assistant Museum Officer at Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery. My role is to care and document the museum collection. Working within a small team means I also help install exhibitions, carry out research for enquiries and assist with larger museum projects. What inspires me? Apart from tea and chocolate, I would say travel, photography, art and anything old with a story to tell! It will come as no surprise that I love my job; I work with objects, ensuring that they are looked after, made available for the public and that their stories are recorded for perpetuity.
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